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Bow Wow has had some great sneaker moments over the years, but today we're looking back on a time when Michael Jordan himself wasn't exactly thrilled with the young rapper's choice of footwear.

Uproxx recently unearthed this 2013 Bow Wow interview with Montreality. Around the 11-minute mark, Bow Wow spends some time reminiscing on growing up with M.J.'s sons, Marcus and Jeffrey. According to Bow Wow, he was around 15-years-old when he wore a pair of Reebok Allen Iverson sneakers over to the Jordan household for a sleepover.

Big mistake. While the boys were getting ready to play ball, Jordan walked in and began to question Bow Wow about the Iverson shoes. "A.I. was my dude, but everything was Brand Jordan-ed out... He was like, 'C'mon man, you know you got to have on some Jordans, some Jumpmans, something.' And I never saw my A.I.s after that moment," Bow Wow said.

Damn, homie. In all fairness, this has so be one of the biggest cardinal sins in sneaker history.