It's been a big year for the Reebok Ventilator, as the sneaker celebrates its 25th anniversary, and it's not just because of Kendrick Lamar. The runner has given a lot of good shop the chance to design a collaboration, with premium materials, that fits in with their core audience. And the latest store is Louisiana's Sneaker Politics.

What makes Sneaker Politics's collab, titled the "Lakes Pack," stand out isn't just the right colors and suedes —​ although they're present —​ it's that the store got to work on two sneakers instead of just one.

According to the store's owner, Derek Curry:

"One of my staff [members] takes an outrageous vacation every year. He found this spot in Western Australia, where there's a lake that's totally pink caused by algae. The surrounding grass is a lush emerald green, which gave us all the colors for the first shoe. Then, over in Indonesia, on top of a volcano, there are three lakes side by side. They're almost touching yet each is a totally different color that makes it look crazy from the aerial photos. One of the lakes is green, one's closer to teal and then there's a deep blue lake as well. So we placed all those amazing colors together on our second Ventilator. It’s a cool story about traveling to some really remote places."

Each sneaker releases on July 10 at Sneaker Politics and other stores in the Reebok Certified Network.