In recent months, there has been an influx of Yeezy-related customs and mash-ups. With each new creation, the bar has been raised higher and higher, but one Los Angeles-based shoe maker may have come up with the be-all, end-all of Yeezy customs. 

For weeks, @lasco_mfg has been tirelessly working to create the most premium Air Yeezy 2 customs you've ever seen. Finding inspiration in Hender Scheme's homage sneakers, Lasco has pulled out all the stops to make its very own vegetable-tanned Yeezys. Dubbed the "Veg Octobers," these aren't your average sneaker reinterpretation.

Each pair is made entirely by hand, with little to no machinery used in the manufacturing process. Even the Yeezy 2's signature heel "spine" has been hand-molded, making these a true labor of love. If that's not enough to pique your interest, Lasco's attention to detail should do the job.

Instead of rushing the product out, the company has taken every detail into account to ensure the utmost quality. Everything from the glues used to bind the sole together to the color of the thread has been carefully considered and sourced. The end result is one of the most jaw-dropping customs you've ever seen. 

Take a look at the process from start to finish below and check back soon for more details on Lasco's "Veg Octobers" including a price point and release info.