The world of sneaker unboxing on YouTube is a monotone landscape. Many of the personalities don't stand out from each other, although they offer slightly different perspectives than the next man. One YouTuber, instead, has stood out from the pack, and he's done so in a satirical way. His name is Brad Hall, and he's made a handful of videos that have gone viral.

Until this point, he's remained mostly a mystery — a man that many assumed was trolling the Internet, making comical videos about Air Jordans and Yeezy Boosts. No one had heard from Hall outside of his clips, until today, when Sports Illustrated published an interview with the man himself.

Many have accused Complex for being behind Hall's antics, which is untrue, and that's covered in the article. "It as an 'incredible compliment' when people accuse him of having Nike or Complex behind the laugh-inducing videos," writer Tim Newcomb recalls in his piece. Hall says he buys his own sneakers, too.

Some are curious to the method behind Hall's madness, and it's quite simple: He's just trying to do a good job. "I’m viewing it as this is me doing my best version of a shoe review," Hall says. "I know I’m not as well informed as some other shoe reviewers. When I think about it, I think about what is the best form of this and I’m going to try my hardest to get close to that. If I tried to not aim for that, it would just be nothing and completely unwatchable."

Hall, who admits to being 35 years old, says he got into sneakers 20 years ago, and it was because of Michael Jordan. He's not just a Jordan fanatic, and he "regrets creating a persona where people believe he likes just the Jordan brand," in reference to his first four videos being about Air Jordans. He also wishes he didn't have his kids in the video about the Air Jordan VII "Hare," he told SI.

His catchphrase, "Michael Air Jordan dunking," is something that he wants to leave behind.

In the past, we've reached out to Hall, and consulted him to do an interview. While he expressed interest, it never materialized. It's still unknown if this interview is truly coming from the man behind the Brad Hall phenomenon, or just another part of the character.

The rest of the article can be read here.