Bobby Kim, better known as Bobby Hundreds, is the man behind one of the most prestigious streetwear brands of all time, The Hundreds, and he's been a mainstay in the clothing scene since 2003. The Hundreds has become popular for its Adam Bomb graphic and clever T-shirts. It's hard to find a self-proclaimed sneakerhead who hasn't owned something from the company. Kim's connection to sneakers is strong, too, as his company used to make its own pairs, but he was also a collector himself — that is until the worst thing imaginable happened to him.

In an interview with The Coveteur, Kim admitted that his sneaker collection was stolen before. "I used to be an avid sneaker collector in the late '90s. Then, my apartment got burglarized for my collection. I spent a good five minutes losing my mind, vowing bloody murder, renouncing mankind... Over a decade's worth of Dunks, Js, and other rarities I'd been gifted or discovered in an obscure Japanese boutique—gone!" he said.

This unfortunate event lead Kim to a realization: sneakers weren't the most important thing in his life. "But then, I almost immediately felt silly; ashamed that I let something as material and inane as retro shoes govern my emotions (and my bank account)," he said.

As awful as it is to be stripped of one's material possessions, there are still things more important in life. That's a perspective we all need to keep in mind.