From Nike Flyknit to adidas Primeknit and even APL's TechLoom, there's no shortage of knitted materials on the sneaker market. Despite the abundance of options, one designer may have just surpassed the footwear experts with his creation.

Ammo Liao, a student at the UK's Royal College of Art, has developed a new material known as Bio-Knit. The project was spotted by Sole Collector and aesthetically, it's not too far from the knit uppers we're used to, but it's the fabric's construction that sets it apart from the rest.

Bio-Knit was created with sustainability in mind, which is achieves thanks to its single-fiber make up. While other knitted sneakers use multiple pieces and fibers to form their uppers, Bio-Knit is completely one piece from front to back.

In absence of traditional support, Bio-Knit is strengthened by heat pressing and laser engraving during production. Even the midsole is the product of a 3D printer, making this one of the most ahead of its time sneakers we've ever seen.

You can catch a look at the entire process below, but unfortunately, unless a big sneaker brand comes along to purchase the idea, you probably won't see these on shelves anytime soon.