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Although they don't officially release until December, the "72-10" Air Jordan XIs are already one of the biggest stories of the year. Unfortunately, the advanced buzz means there's also an abundance of unauthorized and flat-out fake pairs floating around. 

Many of these "early" pairs are priced at a premium, so it's important to be sure you're getting the real deal. After all, who wants to drop $300 plus and get stuck with fugazis? Thankfully, @trey_steiger is making things easier with the video below.

He's pointed out a number of differences between real and unauthorized pairs, including the alignment of the icy outsole and the Jumpman logo, the stitching, the texture of the toe overlay, and more.

This is the most thorough breakdown we've seen thus far, so hopefully it will help at least a few 'heads avoid fakes. Stay woke.