Get ready to meet the world's coolest grandmother.

FOX8 recently had the pleasure of meeting Evelyn Williams, a massive LeBron James fan who just celebrated her 89th birthday. Williams says she's been a fan of James since his rookie year with Cleveland and even stuck by his side during his controversial jump to Miami. She makes it a point to catch every Cavaliers game on TV and has amassed quite a collection of LeBron-related merch. Despite her wide array of memorabilia, one thing was missing.

"I told them, the only thing I wanted for my birthday was LeBron shoes. So, they went hunting. They got these and I love 'em and they love 'em, too," Williams said of her prized kicks, the "Fourth of July" Nike LeBron 12s. 

According to Williams, there's only one thing that could be better than the LeBron 12s. "I'd love to meet him, or to get a hug from him, and I'd like to shake his hand and see that smiling face," she said.