Last week, we showed you the best Yeezy Boost customs so far, but one Kanye staple was noticeably absent: the Red Octobers. Now, thanks to Jack the Ripper, they're finally here.

Best known for his one-of-one designs, Jack the Ripper didn't just dye the 750 Boosts red, but went the extra mile and actually sole-swapped the midsole from a pair of "Red October" Yeezy IIs. 

We saw something similar from John Geiger and Dominic Chambrone (@theshoesurgeon) just days ago, but those retained the Yeezy Boost's original grey upper while these customs take on an entirely new aesthetic. Today, Jack the Ripper shared these on Instagram, saluting Geiger and Chambrone's work with the caption: "Great minds think alike."

Unfortunately, these are a one-and-done deal, but hit him up at @j.theripper if you have any ideas you'd like to see executed.