It's unlikely that anyone has a stronger connection to Air Jordans than Michael Jordan himself, but there are a few people who can rival his connection to the brand and sneaker line. The first name that comes to mind is Tinker Hatfield, who is responsible for designing a majority of the sneakers that Jordan ever wore.

Another person is Spike Lee, the man who played side-by-side with Jordan in the sneakers' commercials. In a recent interview with Sneakerwatch, owner of Jordan-only sneaker boutique Jordan Heads Brooklyn, Calvan Fowler, who used to work with Spike Lee, is saying that Spike might have worn "Concord" Air Jordan XIs before Michael Jordan wore them on the hardwood.

In the video, Fowler says, "He had the 'Concords' before I had seen them on-court. Which is insane."

Fowler is then asked, "Is that before MJ wore them?" In which he answers, "When I saw them I couldn't believe it. I said, 'What are those?' And he had this look on his face."

It doesn't quite answer the question, but it speaks to Spike's exclusivity and place within the sneaker community. Let's be honest: It seems unreal that Jordan would have never worn a sample or an early pair, considering that the sneakers were made for him. It still stands as an interesting piece of history.

Watch the video below.