Flyknit was one of Nike's biggest innovations in years, but it may have finally come up with something that can top the 'knit.

Making its debut on last year's Air Jordan XX9, Nike Flyweave technology is an upper material engineered to provide targeted support for specific movements. In other words, depending on your sport, there are different Flyweave-equipped sneakers to take care of your needs.

Composed of an intricate weave of warp and weft threads (pictured below) that come together to make a textile, Flyweave is as durable as it is supportive. The technology was developed by Nike designer Thomas Bell, who had been inspired by the long-lasting textiles used in the aerospace industry.

"Flyweave is one of the most exciting innovations I’ve seen at Nike – inspired from traditional weaving methods, but with the strength and reliability of aerospace materials," said Bell.

Meanwhile, Nike Basketball designer Leo Chang is focused on where he can take Flyweave in the future. 

"Flyweave offers us an amazing technical advantage in basketball to create incredible strength with a precise, comfortable fit. We have some exciting news on the way and the response from athletes has even exceeded our expectations," Chang said.

Although it's already in use on Nike sneakers such as the aforementioned Air Jordan XX9, the latest Tiger Woods' signature model, Calvin Johnson's newest signature cleats and trainers, and the much-anticipated Air Jordan "MTM," it sounds like Flyweave is just getting started.