When it comes to sneakers, our requests are pretty simple. If you can make them black or white, it's exponentially more likely that we will fuck with said sneakers. Sometimes, I like some weird shit in there, but on the whole, basic sneakers meet our demands. Which is why these blacked-out Air Max 93s are right at the top of the list of sneakers I must acquire immediately. Have you guys ever wanted to save up some money and be, like, fiscally responsible for a couple weeks only to have a sneaker come out of the woodwork that you have to buy? That's how they get you. You can be good at budgeting yourself for a whole fucking month and then all of a sudden, there's a new drop you didn't anticipate or you come across something you missed previously and you can kiss your lunch money goodbye. These are the ills of this lifestyle we have chosen to live. Anyway, Air Max 93s are dope because of the wraparound bubble and neoprene bootie and are definitely worth the $170 price.

[Photos via Titolo]