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You don’t have to tell us twice that sneakerheads are important (although you may have to sell some other people). But even with the most liberal estimates we’re not the biggest demographic in the game. We can certainly help drive sales of new product and shift trends, but the wider market, broader interest sneakers will sell more than our niche.

A bigger niche? Moms. As Quartz explains, using some external study, Mothers represent a larger market share in sneakers than sneakerheads – and no wonder. There are an estimated 85 million mothers in the US, far more than sneakerheads. Because of the active style of the contemporary Mom, she needs all kinds of footwear and represents all manner of spending dollars. That’s why brands like Skechers, who focus on that demographic, are outpacing adidas, who doesn’t.

To see the crunch on the numbers and at least one photo of a Mom trying on some Skechers, check out the story on Quartz.

But before you go, don't forget: some Moms are sneakerheads.

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