As Michael Jordan's stint at Palais 23 Paris for the Quai 54 tournament continues, so does the stunting. After breaking out a pair of "MTM" Air Jordan 1s at the #AskTinker Periscope event, he keeps the Jordan 1 theme going with a pair of white "Pinnacles" on his feet.

UK-based sneakerhead Gary Warnett is in attendance for the event and just shared this picture of MJ in the 1s, a crispy white button up, and, what else? #NTDenim. This is nothing new for MJ, who always keeps a fresh set of oversized jeans on deck, but it's the fact he found a digital camo pair that really threw us a curveball.

Of course, his Airness will always be forgiven for rocking #NTDenim, because duh.