Walking up to championship games has become a kind of red carpet, especially for ballers who take their kicks seriously. Few players have as many eyes on them as LeBron James, so it’s no surprise he chooses what’s on his feet very, very carefully.

We’ve reported on a handful of his choices during the last few games in the Cavaliers' series with the Golden State Warriors, but few were as surprising as today’s.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that LeBron walked up for Game 5 in Oakland wearing a pair of sneakers made to honor him, but the fact that they’re a limited pair of Nike Air Force 1s from 2003 definitely turned a number of heads. In 2003, LeBron was nowhere near the kind of star he is today, but leave it to LeBron to remind us he’s always been on the path he is now. Where that path leads will be decided in part by the game tonight, but in many ways will be debated for years to come.

[via nba on Instagram]