Tropical vibes are in the air as we take a look at Nike's newest silhouette, the Hyperfr3sh. 

Seeing the shoe for the first time, one might've assumed these were a new Roshe Mid or a more graphic option of the HyperRev. And you wouldn't be far off considering the shoe has similar styling to the aforementioned models. But these are the Hyperfr3sh and Nike made sure that the shoe made a statement with its first colorway. Decked out in a tropical motif that features a sunset themed gradient upper with silhouetted palm trees in the foreground, these shoes are the very definition of a summer themed sneaker. 

No specific details on what tech is being utilized in the shoe. But if that isn't you're concern and you want to cop based on style alone, then head over to Sneakersnstuff and pick up your pair today.

[via Sneakersnstuff]