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Drawing inspiration from its tennis heritage, K-Swiss recently unveiled its "Vintage Tennis Racquet" Collection.

Having made headlines recently with the acquiring of skate labels, Supra and Krew and its "Board" campaign, K-Swiss looks to ride its momentum with its newest release. As the collection's name suggests, K-Swiss makes of details traditionally found in old tennis racquets and incorporated them into its Classic VN and Lozan models. The A gum outsole and perforated leather detailing - representative of the racquets wooden body and grip around the handle - are used in a subtle manner to communicate the vintage story. The latest in K-Swiss embodies the brand's low-key, classic image, while making for an ideal everyday footwear option.

With the sneaker game currently dominated by advanced tech and materials, sometimes a return to the old-school is a needed change of pace. Head over now to K-Swiss if you intend on making its Vintage Tennis Racquet Collection part of your summer rotation.

[via K-Swiss]