Fresh off its revitalizing "The Board" campaign, K-Swiss continues to position itself as a contender with the purchase of the Supra and KR3W skate brands.

Although K-Swiss is often overlooked by sneakerheads, the brand is taking some calculated strides to shift the public's perception. On Friday, it finalized a deal to acquire the two skateboarding entities for an undisclosed amount.

Footwear News spoke with K-Swiss's President and CEO of Global Brands, who says the merger works well because the new brands won't step on the toes of any active K-Swiss divisions. Currently, K-Swiss functions as a heritage tennis brand, while Palladium Boots and PLDM cover its lifestyle sector and the Otz brand serves to deliver comfort. This leaves the door open for a skate/action sports branch, the CEO says.

And it sounds like the K-Swiss Global Brands umbrella will only continue to grow, as the CEO has hinted at departments focusing on running, hiking, workboots, and sandals in the future. Keep your eyes open, because these guys aren't playing around in 2015.

[via Footwear News]