In one of the more absurd stories you're likely to hear today, a Catholic high school in Virginia is withholding a student's diploma because she — wait for it — wore a pair of black sneakers to graduation.

Thanks to Jezebel, we're learning what exactly went down at the Paul VI Catholic High School graduation in Fairfax, Va., over the weekend. According to Jezebel, a female senior by the name of Rachel participated in the entire commencement ceremony and even received a placeholder diploma on stage. But when she went backstage to pick up her real diploma, she was met by the school's principal and assistant principal.

"You’re not getting your diploma. You know you shouldn’t have worn those shoes," the assistant principal said. The administration ruled that Rachel would have to complete a day of detention over the summer in order to obtain her diploma because of her sneakers. Prior to graduation, Paul VI had forewarned students that they must wear "appropriate" black footwear, which isn't very specific to begin with.

"I’m a self-conscious person. We have our graduation at a college, it's a big stage. You walk in front of everyone. I can't walk in heels and all my flats are poor quality and I would get blisters. So I was like, why not wear something I feel comfortable in?" Rachel explained to Jezebel. 

Making this situation even more facepalm-worthy is the fact that Rachel actually passed a pre-graduation visual inspection and was given the go-ahead to wear her sneakers at the ceremony. 

"I was looking forward to getting my diploma for years. But I was in the car bawling instead. They ruined that moment for me," Rachel said.

[via Jezebel]