It was all good just a week ago for a Massachusetts man that police say was caught with more than $2,000 in prescription pills, $5,300 in cash, and a whopping $35,000 worth of sneakers.

The Sun Chronicle reports that earlier this week, police continued an ongoing drug investigation with the arrest of 27-year-old Derek Gomes of Mansfield, Mass. After serving Gomes with search warrants, officers found a stash of pills and deadstock sneakers. 

According to Mansfield police, a total of 65 Percocet pills, 100 Adderall pills, and 168 brand new sneakers were recovered from an apartment, car, and storage unit belonging to Gomes. Although the styles of the kicks aren't specified, cops estimate their value to be between $25,000 and $35,000.

While the sneakers themselves aren't anything illegal, it definitely sounds like this dude was flexing with some ill-gotten gains. 

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