How someone stores their sneakers is just as impressive as what's in their collection these days. For New York Yankees pitcher and Team Jordan member C.C. Sabathia that means treating his assortment of footwear like it's an expensive cigar or piece of fine art.

In a segment with 60 minutes that airs tonight on Showtime at 9 p.m., Sabathia gives a private tour of his collection of Jordan sneakers. This isn't just the average basement filled to the brim with various boxes, it's built out with couches, TVs, display cases, and humidors, all in the name of his sneakers.

Sabathia's collection, which includes hundreds of pairs and is worth "well into the six-figures," is full of everything from general release models to customs and PEs. As he says, "To put the brand out on the field is awesome, but it's really just about me getting the free stuff."

Free is the key word here. Sabathia states that if his son wanted a pair of sneakers that were priced in the thousands, there would be no chance of him lending over the cash.

Sounds like he plays hard ball as a parent.