A California deli was recently hit with a robbery that saw over $800 go missing, but the owner says the money pales in comparison to another item that was stolen: A prized pair of autographed Kobe Bryant sneakers.

PJ's Deli, which is located in Lompoc, Calif., was devastated this week by a robbery that saw someone ransack the entire building. The Lompoc Record reports that boxes, cabinets, and cupboards were raided as the thief made away with cash and clothes, along with the aforementioned Kobes. 

"The Kobe shoes are what I (miss) the most," the deli's owner said. The lifelong Los Angeles Lakers fan received the cherished sneakers as a gift while being treated for cancer, making them that much more invaluable. "For three years, I had my shoes right there. There’s no price for that. That’s priceless."

While police investigate the break-in, one of the owner's family members has already stepped in to attempt to replace the sneakers by reaching out to Kobe himself on Twitter.