The most wearable Kanye West sneaker, the adidas Yeezy Boost 350, was launched today via the brand's Confirmed app, and, it was difficult for people to secure their pairs of the low-top runner. The struggle to get Yeezys was expected, but there was a hurdle that many had to leap over that didn't involve being first to open up Confirmed: It was the app itself.

Many users had a negative experience using Confirmed this time around, much like with the release of the 750 Boost in February. But this time around, the problem was worse. Twitter lit up instantly with outrage from those who hoped to secure a pair of Boost 350s today.

UPDATE (6/26, 1:48 p.m.):

It appears a major glitch is plaguing the Confirmed app right now. Random Confirmed users, such as several of our editors and writers, who didn't get a reservation yesterday have received false confirmation alerts on their phones. This is happening to people who live outside of Confirmed zones, too, including one of our contributors who lives in central Virginia. It's clear that adidas needs to make major improvements to the app before another rollout of this nature happens or the brand will continue to lose support from consumers.


One user said, in reference to the original Kanye for adidas release:

While Jacques Slade said the app wouldn't even work for him at all:

This tweet sums up the situation bluntly:

Even worse, this event is causing people to swear off adidas all together and place their attention towards Nike. One user said:

On top of everything, there was an even graver solution presented to solve this whole problem:

That says it all. Hopefully this fiasco won't distract from how great of a sneaker the Yeezy Boost 350 really is.