You want Adidas sneakers but you don't want Stan Smiths (played-out), Superstars (too in vogue right now), Gazelles (you're making this difficult), Ultra Boosts (you've never run more than the 20-yard distance from your fridge to your couch) or Sambas (since you don't like soccer). What other options are there? Well these Campus 2.0s are right fucking on. They're $70 and I shouldn't type another goddamn character until they're in your cart. These are like a slightly modified version of the Campus 80, melding the Stan Smith with the Campus silhouette to make a very nice, very well-rounded shoe. It has a nice, thick sole and slightly wider toe-box—along with the almost retro Adidas tongue branding. I can't wait until we go Full-Euro and start writing about Hamburgs and Beckenbauer Allrounds. This is just the first step.