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Skechers is hotter than ever, but the brand's controversial Shape-ups shoes have once again become the subject of another lawsuit.

A Massachusetts woman claims that Skechers misled consumers by recommended that the Shape-ups be worn regularly instead of one's normal sneakers. Her suit alleges that the shoes were intentionally designed to change the wearer's gait and cause instability, which—get this—was found to lead to tendon and ligament damage, stress fractures, and other issues over extended periods of use. 

Now, she's suing the brand for her pain and suffering. Furthermore, the woman's husband is seeking compensation for the loss of her "services, society, companionship, comfort, affection, love, solace and consortium, plus costs and interest." Bruh, couldn't you have just copped her some Flyknits and avoided this whole thing?

This isn't the first time Skechers' Shape-ups have wound up in the courtroom. In 2011, an Ohio woman sued after suffering a hip injury. There was also a widely publicized payout in 2013, where the FTC said Skechers used "deceptive claims" to market she shoes. After all this, you'd think people would learn to just avoid these things altogether.

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