From elaborate customs to Lego sculptures, we've seen sneakers used in a variety of creative ways over the years. According to The Royal Gazette, a Bermudan man, 40-year-old Kenith Bulford, recently took the "creative use of sneakers" to another level by hiding $315,000 in the soles as part of an alleged money laundering scheme.

The Gazette reports that Bulford packed the large sum of money into the soles of several pairs of sneakers as part of an elaborate plan to have the money smuggled from Bermuda to England to “get away and have a change.”

To get the cash across the Atlantic, Bulford had a woman, Wanda Bowen, commit the crime for him.

Unfortunately for Bulford, his life might be changing in the worst way possible as Bowen was detained by British customs, where she plead guilty for her role in the scheme. That money, surely, could have bought its share of trainers.

[via the royal gazette]