If you've participated in any prolonged athletic activity, you're undoubtedly too familiar with heel blisters and jacking up your toes in the front of your sneakers. It turns out that the solution to both of these painful annoyances has been hiding in plain sight all this time in the form of the top-most eyelets on your sneakers. Chances are you never thought about using these eyelets as you felt that it would look ridiculous.

Thanks to a video from Illumiseen, it's now known that using the top eyelets can prevent discomfort when running in a sneaker. Referred to as the "Heel Lock," this shoe-tying process doesn't look as crazy as it sounds.

If you've ever ended up with blisters at the end of a workout, check out the video above. Who would have thought that lacing your shoes tighter would help while exercising? Just don't, under any circumstance, lace your casual sneakers as snug as the guy in the video, please.

[via Illumiseen]