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Over the years, sneakers have been at the center of a number of charitable actions, and now two NYC men are using their passion for kicks to help the city's homeless population.

Founded by Andre McDonnell and Rudy Lassi, It's From the Sole is a nonprofit organization that donates refurbished kicks to those who need them the most. It all stared back in 2012 when McDonnell was playing a game of pick-up basketball and noticed a fellow player was hooping without any shoes. McDonnell literally gave him the shoes off of his feet, and since then he and Lassi have been working to combat the cities' homelessness through sneakers.

It's From the Sole accepts new or gently used sneakers which they diligently clean and recondition, including swapping out used insoles and dingy laces for fresh ones. McDonnell and Lassi then hit the streets and distribute the newly renovated kicks to men and women in need. If you're interested in helping out the cause, visit their site today. 

[via Slam]