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In recent times, DJ Khaled has become one of the most interesting characters within sneaker culture. From his all-out acts of opulence to the humor he injects in his Instagram snaps, Khaled has the attention of everyone when he decides to show off his ever-growing collection. But how many sneakers has he accumulated?

During an interview with Billboard, Khaled claims to have upwards of 10,000 pairs, which he partially displayed while documenting his sneaker closet early last month. For Khaled, the feeling of putting on Air Jordans or Nikes goes beyond having something cool or legitimizing on his feet. "Fresh sneakers are important on a man. It's like a new pair of boxers or a new pair of socks," he says.

Khaled's collection of 10,000 or so pairs doesn't consist of 10,000 different pairs, however, as it's revealed he'll purchase up to three pairs of a particular release. The old adage, "One to rock, one to stock," takes new meaning when someone has amassed a sum of sneakers this large.

Image via DJ Khaled
Image via DJ Khaled

[via Billboard]