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Last week we brought you the deeper story behind Concepts’ latest ASICS release, its 25th Anniversary collaboration. Talking to Deon Point, we dug into the inspiration for the shoe and how the brand hoped it would be received.

However, they were set to drop this afternoon and the release didn't go as planned.

Although the causes are still unaddressed, upon release at 12 p.m. today the Concepts website suffered a major technical error that caused would-be customers to have large amounts of money held without completing a purchase. One customer tweeted a screenshot of their bank statement showing pending orders of $1,854.

Concepts tweeted through its official account that these payments will not clear, and that they are working to un-authorize all of the payments. In situations like this, when a payment is authorized (the bank ensures the customer has the appropriate funds) but not captured (the bank gives the money to the store), the payment hold usually reverts back to the customer in 3-5 business days. 

But considering how many people were affected this morning, Concepts is under a lot of pressure to turn this around faster than normal.

Since the release, frustrated sneakerheads have aired their grievances on Twitter and other platforms taking the store to task while the issues are still pending.

Concepts has since released a statement via Instagram thanking its customers for their continued patronage but further developments have not been addressed at this time.