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The last time we heard from Anteater as a sneaker collaborator they were offering a surprise hit last spring. The Anteater x Saucony Jazz “Sea & Sand” had everyone asking about this little heard-from brand, and their latest collaboration begs the question again.

Russian apparel brand Anteater teamed up with small Russian sneaker brand Afour, whose entire brand structure is built around creating custom shoes. They reached into their separate brand stories to create the Sabotage “Magnetics,” using the attraction and repulsion inherent to magnets to illustrate how the two young brands have danced around each other for years.

Released last week in a limited run of 50 pairs, the shoes play with turquoise and red suede uppers and a bright wide midsole.

Although these shoes have sold out, they’re a great reminder to everyone in the states that no matter where you are in the world there are pockets of the sneaker community that are constantly reinventing and growing, and it’s worth taking a look outside our windows to see what’s going on the other side of the globe.

[via Anteater]