Were you around when Nike first debuted the Air Max 90? If you were, do you remember seeing them in stores and possibly wishing you had a pair? Or maybe even copping a pair? If you do, then you either have a great memory or you're an old-school sneakerhead.

25 years later, the AM 90 is one of the most celebrated sneaker silhouettes in history and to pay tribute to this iconic model, artist PELNYC, in partnership the Whitaker Group, has released a series of digital illustrations titled "We Were There." The collection of work features the 90 weaved into pieces that represent historical events and memorable moments in pop culture and entertainment. The premise of the work is that since its debut, the Air Max 90 has been part of our history. Whether on our feet or on the feet of others, the Air Max 90 has been a constant since its release.

PELNYC has been sharing images of the collection on his Instagram which will culminate with an art show and in-store event in New York City beginning on June 23. For more information on the artist and the series, head over to his website here and peep PEL speaking on the "We Were There" in the video below.


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