We've seen some pretty crazy fake sneakers recently, including low-top Yeezy Boosts in the wrong silhouette and a pair of camo Sock Darts that were so bad, they offended Hiroshi himself. Somehow, these Air Max 90 fakes we spotted on Amazon may very well rival them all.

While many fake sneakers pull inspiration from classic models, the Tesla Gears Air C900 Essential is absolutely shameless in its imitation. From instantly recognizable Air Max 90 colorways like "Infrared" and "Laser Blue" to the silhouette's signature leather mudguard, exaggerated eyelets, and visible Air unit, these are some of the most blatant fakes we've ever seen.

Even more surprising is the Air C900 Essential's price tag, which is normally $150, making them $40 more expensive than an authentic pair of Air Max 90s straight from the Swoosh. They're now on sale for $65, which is still probably $65 too much. 

These are clearly a lawsuit waiting to happen, but apparently the sneakers already been around for awhile. The earliest review on Amazon is from March 2014, adding yet another layer to the mystery.

But wait, there's more: A quick Google search produces this Tesla Gears Facebook page, which says the brand specializes in "Long sleeves, short, sleeve less, long pants, and short pants sports compression wears," with no mention of sneakers at all. Either someone is using the Tesla Gears name to peddle their counterfeit kicks, or this is a brand that will stop at nothing to make a buck. Stay woke.


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