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Adding to the "O.G." Air Jordan 1 / 2 Hybrid that we looked at last month, it looks like Jordan Brand cooked up another flavor of their Air Jordan 1 x Air Jordan II amalgamation.

Moving away from the O.G. Chicago Bulls palette that graces all of Jordan Brand's most popular releases, this potential release goes with a more off-the-court look by featuring a mix of black leather and a reptile-textured Swoosh. All of that sits atop a noticeably heftier white midsole and gum outsole. While the colorway itself isn't O.G., the sneaker does keep the O.G. details which include the Nike Air hit on the tongue and the Nike x Wings logo on the ankle. Save for the Air Jordan II tooling, the sneaker is very similar to last year's Air Jordan 1 "Black/Gum" release.

Now, before we go ahead and accuse Jordan of running out of ideas and slapping two of their sneakers together again, do remember that this silhouette is rooted deep within the history of the Air Jordan line. Michael Jordan actually rocked an Air Jordan II-soled version of the Air Jordan 1 on the court way back in 1985.

No word on a release date, or even an official name for the sneaker for that matter, as of now. Stay tuned.

[via us11hustla]