Sneaker brands are always diligent with public relation matters, but just how far can they go before crossing into unethical territory? 

Sole Collector did some digging through Wikipedia recently and discovered a number of edits that may be rather unsettling to sneakerheads. Among the findings were the fact that employees from Nike, adidas, and Under Armour have edited their own Wikipedia pages, often using biased perspectives to champion the brand as opposed to a neutral stance.

The problem here is that Wikipedia strives for objective content that emphasizes facts over opinions. When brand employees take edits into their own hands, it becomes more of an advertisement for the company than a source of unbiased information. 

Take a look at some of the edits below and head over to Sole Collector now to see what they've discovered, including changes made by adidas and Under Armour employees.

[via Sole Collector]