The last time using camo on sneakers was cool was 2006. True SF, one of the once uber cool sneaker boutiques, released a Humara with gum soles and an olive camo distressed leather upper. My friend Gary said after he saw the shoes, he had to have a "sit down" at a Tower Records. The shoe was that powerful.

Since then, camo shoes have ceased to amaze. Most of the conceits are average, at best, and cover silhouettes that are overexposed. Wearing them is kid stuff.

On the low, the Nike SFB is the best sneaker out. A few elite cool guys, like Four Pins favorite Shia LaBeouf, have been spotted in them. Thankfully, most kids don't see the glory and thus these joints aren't overdone in the streets. The latest drop features REALTREE fucking camo. REAL. TREE. This shit is legit. Usage requires a cosign from some dude (probably) from Texas who owns the rights to the pattern and (probably) a 50% stake in Cabela's. (Anyone who knows anything knows that Cabela's is the best store in America.)

The combination is powerful. I think my friend Gary would agree. Real recognize Real(tree). Otherwise, you're just a cunt.