Having fun is infinitely better than not having fun, and for many people this means turning up. The turn up comes in many forms: house parties, music festivals, nights at the club, or just a solo dance party. These are situations that could be potentially lethal to sneakers. With tomorrow being the start of Coachella, a three-day long festival that takes place on two consecutive weekends, it's the perfect time to give everyone a quick primer on how to attend a crazy function and leave with your sneakers intact.

It takes a little bit of know how and trial and error, but it's possible to have the time of your life without commiserating over the sneakers you'll have to reserve as beaters until the end of time. It's not as difficult as you'd think, but there's some essential knowledge behind this process. Learn it here with How to Turn Up in Your Sneakers (and Not Ruin Them).

Matt Welty is a Staff Writer at Complex and you can follow him on Twitter here.