The contentious subject of whether or not New York is the sneaker capital of the world was recently brought up in the latest installment of ESPN's web series From the Ground Up.

Hoops journalist Scoop Jackson linked up with our very own Quickstrike hosts, Russ Bengtson and DJ Clark Kent, and broke down New York's influence on sneaker culture. The debate intensifies when the trio reach the topic of Michael Jordan. Unsurprisingly, Scoop holds down his hometown of Chicago, claiming that "the birth of the Jordan shoe game was born in Chicago."

It's hard to argue with that, but Russ steps in to counter that "for it to be successful as it was, it had to hit in New York." Clark Kent then brings it back to the days of Spike Lee, reminding Scoop that the legendary Mars Blackmon campaign is what really helped boost the appeal of Jordans in the early '90s. 

And where's Spike from? BROOKLYN STAND UP. Peep the full clip below and see if you agree.


[via ESPN]