As more stories roll in regarding the aftermath of the Baltimore Riots we're learning that one man got much more than he bargained for when he tried to make off with a pair of sneakers. 

Antonio Jackson, a warehouse worker and father of one, was nabbed carrying an unnamed pair of sneakers that still had their price tag attached. Although Jackson was not caught at the scene of the actual looting, the state's attorney showed no mercy, setting his bail at $50,000. Somehow, the judge didn't think that was quite enough, and pointed to an incident when Jackson failed to appear to court as enough reason to increase the bail to $100,000. Over a single pair of shoes, according to The Guardian.

While this is far from the only ridiculous ruling (The Guardian notes that one teenager faces an astonishing $500,000 bond), it's unreal to imagine such a lofty bail for this situation.

[via The Guardian]