I have to admit that it feels like we got off track with shooting sneakers in the office the past few weeks. The weather wasn't the best and there was a heavy workload that caused us to not dedicate as much time to this weekly feature. This week was different, though, and everything was back to the normal routine. It felt great. 

Yesterday afternoon, we were getting ready to shoot everyone's sneakers, and we had a guest appearance from our friend Careaux, an illustrator out of The Netherlands, which livened up the mood around the Complex HQ. It also just so happened that it was one of the strongest weeks for what people had on their feet. Maybe it was the disappearance of the snow — which is sadly back again — or just coincidence, but there was a strong showing here, in regards to the footwork, and it was energizing. For those who are sneaker nerds, it's always great to be around other people who share the same passion as you, and that's what happened yesterday.

But enough with the lamenting, here are The Best Sneakers in the Complex Office This Week.

All photos by Andy Hur. You can follow him on Twitter here.

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