Landing that dream job in the sneaker industry might've just gotten a little bit easier thanks to a new program introduced by the University of Oregon.

A new, first-of-its-kind Master's degree in Sports Product Management will now be offered by the university for the upcoming fall 2015 school year. The 18-month program is designed to offer students a complete look at the life cycle of sports products, specifically focusing on innovation, global markets, and sustainability. The curriculum will provide a balance between theory and real-world, hands-on experience, preparing graduates for careers in fields like brand management and merchandising at sportswear companies.

The University of Oregon's location in Eugene, with satellite facilities in Portland, makes it the perfect school to offer a degree centered around sports products. The likes of Nike, adidas, and Columbia are already based in the area.

"This program will give our students direct connections to top talent in the industry," said Ellen Schmidt-Devlin, who is the director of the Sports Product Management program and a former Nike employee of nearly 30 years. "Many of our instructors are not only leaders and innovators in the sports product industry, but are also educators and experts."

To learn more about the program, check it out here.

[via University of Oregon]