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How was your weekend? Good, we hope. If it was spent spring cleaning, just kicking back, or partaking in early St. Paddy's Day celebrations, there's probably one thing that couldn't escape your mind: that's sneakers. The past weekend was full of strong releases, and not all of them could be picked up. Instead of kicking yourself and paying outrageous resale markups, grab something that's just as cool but available at discount prices.

There are currently a slew of sneakers of various styles and brands that can be scored for less than they were intended to be sold for, and no one should be mad at that. Not only will shopping these items help out everyone's bank accounts, but they will also keep rotations new and refreshed, which is what most of us are constantly searching for. If you're one of those people or just want a good excuse to get a new pair for spring, check out 15 Great Sneakers on Sale Right Now.