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Legendary sneaker customizer Mache Customs just revealed his latest creation, a fully decked out pair of Air Jordan XIIIs, dedicated to Jesus Shuttlesworth himself — the great Ray Allen.

Mache took to Instagram to explain just exactly what went into designing these XIIIs for the veteran shooting guard, which look to be the same base colorway featured in He Got Game, when Allen famously played young basketball phenom Jesus Shuttlesworth.

The black and gold uppers are complemented by a slew of stats, milestones, dates, and teams he's played for over the years — all painstakingly drawn around the entire quilted leather panels. They're more than a worthy tribute to a player whose career, until recently, has been up in the air.

Seeing that Allen won't be making 3-pointers anytime soon, we're sure these dope custom XIIIs will serve as a great reminder of what he'll miss on the court.