There's nothing better than getting a new pair of sneakers, except for maybe getting a new pair of sneakers for the low low. And as if New York doesn't already have a glut of awesome sneaker spots, it's getting another. The rich get richer, ya dig? On April 2nd, Nike is opening a huge new clearance store out in Flushing, Queens.

The 15,000 sq. ft. spot is set to open next month and while it isn't eactly in the city center—where the fuck would they find room to put it?—it's still within a subway ride to give it that convenience factor on top of the fact that, again, CLEARANCE. No word yet on whether there will be some sweet, sweet deals to accompany the grand opening, but we can only hope. If you're looking for the deals on shit no one wanted to buy at retail because you're an otherworldly combination of both broke and cheap, then this is all you, fam.