The Aaron Hernandez murder trial just took an unexpected turn and it's all because a pair of Air Jordan XIs.

Earlier today it was revealed that Hernandez was spotted wearing Air Jordan XI lows in surveillance footage taken immediately before and after Odin Lloyd's murder. Expert witness and Nike consultant Herbert Hedges testified that still images of the footage match those of the XI lows pictured above.

A state police lieutenant also testified that footprints taken from the scene of the murder are consistent with the sole of the XI lows. However, the defense argued that over 3 million pairs of sneakers have been produced with identical soles, but Hedges maintains Hernandez wears a size 13 which have far less numbers produced.

While the facts are still being debated in court, it doesn't help that the pair Hernandez was wearing that night have since gone missing. 

[via Boston Globe and Daily Mail]