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For hardcore basketball fans and old-school sneakerheads, Penny Hardaway gave us all a treat last night as he once again took to the court wearing Nike Air Foamposite Ones with the "Sharpie" treatment.

For those that aren't up on their b-ball history, when Hardaway was set to rock his Foams, there was a possibility that the NBA would fine him since the shoes didn't fully adhere to the league's uniform policy. As most of you know now, that policy is pretty much gone now, but back then, they were fairly strict, see MJ and his Air Jordan Is.  Anyway, to make sure he was in compliance with league rules, Hardaway took a Sharpie to his Foams and the rest is history.

Fast forward to the present and it appears Nike might have plans of releasing an official version of the Foamposite One "Sharpie." While not as glitzy and glamorous as the "Mirror" Foams that released today, the Sharpie Foams have a much richer history. While no guarantees of a release have been made, more than a few sneakerheads would gladly add a pair to their collections.

[via cstyles01's Instagram and NBA's Vine]