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If you have somehow avoided the crazy amount of NikeLab releases happening lately, you are a stronger person than I am. Understand that it's borderline impossible to get NikeLab releases unless you actually show up to a store. First of all, there are only six of those around the world and it's absolutely freezing out in New York, so fuck that noise. But these two Nike Free Mercurial Superflys (in dark obsidian and grey) drop on Sunday and they're so good I'm weak in the knees. That's the day after Valentine's Day for those keeping track. So, spend your Saturday night not with your girl, but camping out for sneakers. She'll love that. The first iterations of these held the coveted HTM label and were even more difficult to cop. Now they're selling for sky-high prices on eBay. These may be slightly easier as they're releasing at select spots outside of NikeLabs. I refuse to reveal my sources at the risk of lessening my chances at getting my pair(s). These are easily among the best shoes Nike has release in recent memory. They're insanely comfortable with the all Flyknit upper and Free 5.0 sole and the ankle collar adds a little panache that stands out from the typical sneakerhead hoards and doesn't feel annoying on foot speaking from experience. I have the volt HTMs because I couldn't get the black and still wanted (re: needed) validation. The first pairs sold for $200, but no word on the price of these, even with the release right around the corner. Don't sleep unless your sleeping outside of NikeLab, obviously.