Virtual Reality is blowing up like never before, and soon it may find a place in the world of sneaker customization. 

Earlier this month, Nike was awarded a patent for what they've called an "augmented reality design system." The concept is that a user would wear a head mounted display, much like Google Glass or Oculus Rift, that would allow them to physically customize their sneakers. Through the use of a stylus, the user will be able to draw, write, and sketch on the sneaker freely, which would be transmitted to the headset to complete the experience. 

Quartz mentions that while it is unlikely that Nike is trying to develop their own augmented reality hardware, this could very well be an attempt at creating software for an already existing platform. Of course, like so many patents, there's also the chance that it doesn't materialize at all.

With self-lacing Mags on the horizon and virtual reality customization looking like a strong possibility, Nike is priming itself for the future. Are you ready?

Image via Quartz

[via Quartz]