Today, a photo surfaced on social media of what is purported to be a fake pair of adidas Yeezy Boosts being made. Instagram account @fake_education claims to have received this photo of fake Yeezys from a factory worker and hints at a closer look in the near future. 

Spotting fake sneakers used to be easy. They used to come in gaudy colorways and Frankenstein model mash-ups that were never actually produced. Unfortunately, times have changed, and with improved technologies comes better fake sneakers that are much closer to their authentic counterparts than ever before. Many of these unauthorized pairs are accurate down to the details and materials used, and only a trained eye can spot the differences.

With all the hysteria surrounding the rollout of the Yeezy Boost, this could prove to be a crucial piece of information in the coming weeks. As prices continue to soar, the last thing anyone wants is to get stuck with a fugazi pair.

[via Instagram]