Show any sneakerhead the logos of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant and you'll have answers quicker than you can ask the questions of what they are or who they belong to. Featuring Nike's three most prominent basketball athletes, Orlando-based designer Ziarekenya Smith​ created portraits using only each player's logo. Dubbing the project, the "Prism Collection," Smith executes each portait with a prism effect applied to "LeBron's Crown, "Kobe's Sheath," and KD's "kd," while also making use of tonal color changes, and varying the sizes of each logo.

Last year, illustrator Andy Gellenberg created similar portraits using only Swooshes and Nike's top athlete in various sports.

To see additional images of this project and more of Smith's work, visit his Behance page here.

[via Ziarekenya Smith's Behance]